March 16, 2020   -

The Phone That Will Change Photography

Meet Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. With revolutionary 8K Video Snap changing how you capture and make video. Add in Samsung Knox security, an intelligent battery, powerful processor, and massive storage — and the Galaxy S20 series unveils a whole new world for mobile.

Display mode:

  • 7-inch, Quad HD+, AMOLED
  • HDR10+ support
  • 120Hz at 1080p, 60Hz at 1440p


Expanding a little over the Galaxy S10+ of 2019, the S20+ gives you a little more space to play, although it’s a shift in aspect, pushing the bezels back a little. Samsung uses a punch hole camera again, but this time it’s just a single camera in the center of the display and it’s smaller. While some might think they are missing out on the second lens, you’re not – the small intrusion on the display is better overall.

First impressions of this display are good, with typical punchy colors and deep blacks. There’s an option for 120Hz, but this is only available at Full HD+ resolution. If you choose to use the Quad HD+ resolution, you’ll revert to 60Hz. This might be as big an issue as it first seems: the default resolution on these devices is 1080p anyway, so you’ll be getting that 120Hz out of the box – to move to 1440p you’d have to choose that in the menu.

A new set of cameras:

There’s a quad camera system on the Galaxy S20+, adding a Depth Visionsensor over the smaller Galaxy S20 although the contribution of such sensors is open to some questioning – in many cases they don’t add much to the experience.


The main camera has a 12-megapixel sensor, an entirely different system to the 108-megapixel sensor of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, using a different philosophy. While the Ultra will use pixel combining to give you a 12-megapixel photo, the S20+ will just use the full sensor. It has larger pixels at 1.8µm which is comparatively large compared to many rivals and this might mean it absorbs light better than some.

The big play in these camera systems is really zoom. It seems that Samsung wants to take down the Huawei P30 Pro, here offering 30x zoom, although it’s a digital system based on a 64-megapixel sensor.

There’s a new mode called Single Take. That means you can press the button in front of something happening and the phone basically does all the thinking for you and offering up a collection of photos as a result.

Core hardware:

  • Exynos 990, 12GB RAM
  • 128/512GB storage + microSD
  • 4500mAh battery
  • 5G

The 128GB of storage is generous, but the option for a microSD card means it will be easy to expand.

From the brief time that we’ve spent with the phone we can’t gauge the long-term performance – it was slick and refined moving around the UI, but that’s no different from previous devices.

Neither can we assess how well the 4500mAh battery will last – but this is one trend across all the Galaxy S20 devices – they have bigger batteries than the last iteration of S10 devices, so hopefully they’ll be more competitive.

This will also be a 5G handset. If you don’t have access to 5G yet that might not be a problem – with people hanging onto phones for longer, there’s a chance that you’ll want 5G during the lifetime of this device.

Discounted Price:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus price in Pakistan is PKR 184,999. This smartphone comes with 12GB of RAM Memory and Up to 128/256 GB internal storage and is available in various colors so don’t miss out your chance to buy this set at a discounted price from Jazz Discount Bazaar  application.

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