June 21, 2020   -

Round Food for Every Mood

Mathematicians are great as they introduced geometric shapes!!!! Calculations of area perimeter of shapes especially circle and sphere need attention. Their formulae are so difficult to learn.

So, what…!!! Let’s Eat it

Have you ever thought of describing pizza without using the word circle? Pancakes are a real delicious round thing. Calculating the area of the hollow cavity is challenging but it would be fun if keep in mind doughnuts. This writing is about the sweet, spicy tasty, and delicious rounds our eyes love to see and our buds happily deal with.


Craving for apple or strawberry, chocolate, or pumpkin is enjoyed with when these humble fruits are puffed in the dough. Pie is one of the most beloved desserts and a symbol of nostalgia. Remember visiting Grandma’s place and aroma of homemade pie. Jazz Discount Bazar all covered your nostalgia by offering homemade pie by Bake o’clock.


Soft butter, flour, and chocolate chips together, the best shape they can attain are cookies. There is nothing better than the comforting aroma of freshly baked cookies, which also happen to be circular. This circular treat is found on the table both in summer and winter, with juice or tea, In front of kids of playgroup, or combined study period of graduation. Now the emerging trend is wrapped cookies in colorful papers and complement them with wedding gifts.


An amazing hole is the one found in doughnuts. It is the perfection of flour achieved with yeast. It is an ideal canvas for endless variations for your stomach. Doughnuts are known for ages but their roots are from North America. There are various types like twisted, filled doughnuts, and Long Johns.


Let me introduce sweet and delicious food doused in syrup from round category!!!!!!!!!!! The Pancakes. A quick flip in the pan is a breakfast treat for everyone. These are fluffy rounds that charge you up for the whole day.


Pizza is a beloved food of dough, tomato sauce, cheese with various toppings. Italy introduced this round food to the world in the late 1700s. It’s not a clip, it’s a whole episode of taste, happiness, and satisfaction. Pizza is a way of celebration in Pakistan. Proudly presenting Pizza Jams, New Yorker, China Town and Jade café for amazing super delicious juicy and tasty pizzas around you.  Jazz discount Bazar offer amazing deals to make round available for your mood.


Between two circular buns sits a delicious circular pattie!!! Three circles together just amazing. Burgers are the ultimate portable party food. These are amazing round food which can be customized in a thousand ways. The soberness of buns, the crunch of rounded onions, the color of circled slices of tomatoes, and rounded patties of chicken or beef is The Burger. With a circle inside and a circular circumference, this delicious creation provides enough reasons that circular food is the best one. Never miss this round food and check into the warehouse Café, 3B (Bigger Better Burger), CGC, Burger Lab through Jazz Discount Bazar.

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