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Do You Have To Avoid Eating Meat To Prevent Coronavirus? Here’s What Doctors Say

Doctors say that meat need not be completely removed from the diet to prevent coronavirus, but consumption of raw meat should definitely be dodged during this time.

Coronavirus, the rapidly spreading outbreak with the disease spreading to more than sixty countries across the world, on Wednesday was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The number of confirmed has risen to 21 after Sindh government officials recently reported 15th patient on Friday resulting in widespread panic across the country. Apart from maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness at all times, the most common inquiry was whether or not one should consume meat during the times when coronavirus is rapidly spreading. Trends like “Stop Eating Meat” and “No Meat No Coronavirus” was also seen emerging on Twitter once such queries started doing the rounds.

Doctors say that meat need not be completely removed from the diet, but consumption of raw meat should definitely be dodged. Recent rumors of the presence of Coronavirus in goat meat has been rejected by the Livestock Department. Talking to The News on Friday, Multan region Livestock Deputy Director Dr. Mujibur Rehman said that the information going viral on social media is completely fake and absolutely incorrect. There are no signs of Coronavirus found in goat meat, mutton, beef or chicken, he clarified. The citizens could eat mutton, he told.

Currently, there is no conclusive evidence as far as meat or dairy is concerned. But, as a precaution, it is a good idea, generally also, to avoid raw meat. It is better to have cooked meat. As of now, there is no advisory that prevents you from eating any non-vegetarian food. But it should always be well-cooked food. That should be safe enough.

Both WHO and Pakistan government officials have released a series of tweets about general queries relating to Coronavirus to curb unnecessary chaos. The fact that meat-eaters and non-vegetarians are responsible for spreading Coronavirus is a complete fable and scientifically baseless. Cooked meat poses no risk to anyone, and doctors have repeated that several times to avoid spreading rumors that suggest the contrary.

According to leading nutritionists, raw meats such as raw fish that are mostly found should definitely be avoided considering the fact that it is an airborne disease and we are not sure if the birds or animals are exposed to an effected environment. But there is no harm whatsoever in consuming cooked meat. People suggesting avoiding meat entirely should know that there is no evidence supporting the same.

Ultimately, the fact remains that coronavirus is basically a respiratory virus that can spread primarily through contact with an infected person. As a preventive measure, it is okay to avoid consuming raw meat but to eliminate meat completely from the diet would be excessive.

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