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Grow Your Own

Setting up a kitchen garden for fresh supply of vegetables and much more!

Good food presentation is as important as its taste and flavor. A plate of spicy biryani garnished with coriander, green chili, and lemon is more appealing. Creamy pasta with a topping of basil leaves not only adds aroma and flavor but gives it a visual appeal. Simple daal tastes so much different if smoked with red chili. Steaks are always accompanied by sliced bell papers, tomatoes cucumbers, etc.

A kitchen garden is a concept that involves planting herbs and vegetables that we use daily in the kitchen. A small scale kitchen garden is the best recreation and exercise. It ensures a regular, inexpensive, and handy supply of fresh herbs and vegetables. It gives a positive attitude, healthy eating, and exercise. The plants grown in the kitchen garden are far tastier than available in the market.

If the kitchen garden means a large rear area or backyard then think again. It can also be set up in your messy balcony, small or large-sized pots where the supply of light is adequate. Here are some vegetables and herbs which can easily be grown which requires little maintenance.


It is one of the most important and versatile herbs of Pakistani Cuisine. Mint is used in salad, fish lemonade tea, and cocktails. It also offers medicinal benefits as is useful in curing allergies, common cold and stomach ailments. It can be easily grown by mint seeds in a pot 12-16 inches wide. Spring is the ideal time for mint. It requires more water and sunlight.


Chilies are a good source of vitamin A, C, and E. To plant chilies take seeds out of chili and spread it in a pot having a depth of 2 feet. Seeds take at least a week to germinate into a plant. Chilies need a decent amount of light and water three times a week to keep soil damped. For better growth add organic compost.


It is widely used in garnishing food. Coriander can be grown by sowing the seeds available in the market. Instead of pot use tray for growing it as it will provide more area. It grows well in a cold place. The important tip of growing coriander is to spray water instead of pouring otherwise young seedlings may drown.


Tomatoes are fruit cum vegetable used every day in one or other form. They are good for skin and hypertension. These red friends add color with flavor. To grow tomatoes dive a tomato in four pieces and sow it in paper cups. Once the plant is grown to transfer it into a large pot. They need to be water every day.


lemons boost human immunity by providing vitamin C, Calcium, and Potassium. To make lemon a part of your kitchen garden you need two to three-year-old lemon plants. Plant it in a large pot with holes to remove excess water. It requires 8-12 hours of sunlight every day.

Spring Onions

Spring onions are used in salad and stir fry, usually they are planted in March. Spring onions can easily be grown in a pot. Let them flower and they will be self-seed.

Besides these other herbs and vegetables which can be grown are reddish, beans, potato, garlic, bell pepper, spinach, cabbage, etc.