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Imagine steak, fries, and a burger without sauce! Can you think of pancakes without a honey top? Eating pasta will be so difficult without barbecue sauce.


Sauces may not always be the center of focus when you serve a dish, but without it, various foods are incomplete, lacking that punch or failing to strike a chord.

Here are some spicy-sweet partners of food called sauces ……….yummy!

White Barbecue Sauce:

White Barbecue Sauce is an Alabama specialty. It is based on mayonnaise with the addition of salt, black pepper, sugar, and vinegar. This tangy sauce is typically used to dress a chicken. Unlike other sauce, white barbecue sauce permeates the meat and gives it flavors that are present in each bite.

Honey Garlic Sauce:

Honey Garlic sauce is much famous in Canadian cuisine. Its sweet-sour taste boost to meat dishes like barbecue ribs, Chicken wings, and meatballs. This sauce gathers brown sugar, ginger, soy sauce, garlic, and honey.

Rica Rica Sauce:

Rica Rica is a general term that includes all the dishes which use fiery Indonesian spice mixture. The base of this mixture is chili incorporated in ginger, garlic, lime leaves lemongrass, and salt. The mixture can be prepared in various ways, spices can be chopped, ground, sliced, or sometimes even burned. Usually, the mixture is stir-fried to release all flavors and aroma. The level of spiciness can easily be adjusted. It goes well with chicken, plain rice, rice crackers, steamed vegetables, etc.     


Sweet Bean Sauce: 

Having Chinese origin, Sweet bean sauce is made from ground yellow beans cooked with sugar, water, peanut or corn oil. It has a thick reddish-brown smooth texture. Along with stir-fries, it goes well with noodles, fried rice meat, etc.

Plum sauce:

Another flavorful sauce from Chinese cuisine. Plum sauce includes sweet plums, vinegar, ginger, chili, garlic, sugar, and salt. To increase the thickness apricots can also be added. This sauce can be used as a dip for roasted chicken, spring rolls and noodles. Amazingly it can be brushed on chicken before grilling.

Apple Sauce:

Different versions of apple sauce are known since ancient times. Apple sauce got its origin from central Europe. Apple sauce is made with cored apples that are cooked until they are soft enough to be mashed in a purée. Other ingredients typically include sugar and spices such as cinnamon or cloves. Unlike apple butter, the sauce is lighter in color and has a more liquid consistency. Although it is subtly sweet and it is often used as a topping on desserts, apple sauce also tastes with roasted meat dishes.

Tomate Frito:

It is a basic Spanish sauce of pureed fried tomatoes, salt, sugar, olive oil, and onions. Bay leaves, garlic, and basil add extra flavor to it. This traditional sauce is used in numerous fish and meat dishes, but it can also be used as a base for pasta, lasagna, or pizza.

Steak Sauce:

Steak sauce is an American sauce characterized by its dark brown or orange color. It is usually made with tomatoes, vinegar, raisins, and various spices. The sauce has a slightly sweet, tart, and spicy flavor. With such variable ingredients, there are quite a few varieties of this sauce, which is considered to be the best condiment for succulent beef steaks.


Gausacaca can also be named as avocado salsa. It has a rich earthy flavor that goes well with grilled steaks. Naturally, it is mild but can be spiced with by pepper or hot sauce mix. Green pepper, olive oil, and garlic give it a magical thrust.

Coriander Chutney:

This chutney is a staple in Pakistani households, where it often accompanies snacks like samosas and pakoras. Try it as a dipping sauce, or as a spread for a veggie sandwich.    

Sauces are always mouthwatering. To complement your food, grab your favorite now!

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