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How Drinking Water Can Rainproof Your Health – In Monsoon

Who doesn’t await monsoons? The pitter-patter instantly lights up the mood and makes us crave those deep fried pakodas and a cup of steaming adrak chai. While the best-loved rainy season is deeply enjoyed, it also brings along the possibility of falling prey to a host of airborne diseases, viral and bacterial infections, seasonal allergies and mosquito-borne ailments.

Our immune system is most vulnerable during the turn of seasons and bolstering it up via proper diet is the only way to put up a guard against the seasonal change.

Dietary tweaks can certainly go a long way in safeguarding your health this monsoon. Something as simple as your everyday drinking water can bring world of a difference. Ayurveda states down ways in which a person should drink water to reap maximum health benefits. Something as basic as plain drinking water and the way it is consumed can bring a lot of difference in the way our body functions.

Ayurveda expert from Baidyanath, Dr. Ashutosh Gautam brought to our notice the fact that most ailments during monsoon occur due to infected water. Water is also one of the

best carriers of infections. Also, “during monsoon our body’s constitution becomes more air dominated which can cause Vatta imbalance. Digestive issues are therefore pretty common around this time of the year and that is why fried foods should be consumed in moderation,” noted Dr. Ashutosh Gautam.

So how exactly water can help our health this monsoon? Take a look at the following points:


Clean Water

Even if you have access to clean drinking water, use purifying herbs to turn your drinking water into a natural detoxing agent. An herb called Nirmali can be added to your regular drinking water.


Bring out that Silverware

Drinking water stored in copper vessels or silverware has long been associated with good health. This should especially be put to practice during monsoon when the body could easily use some additional dose of minerals. Copper and silver vessels also add anti-bacterial properties to your drinking water.



Go Warm

Why You Should Start Your Day With a Glass of Warm Water - NDTV Food

Since digestive issues are usually on rise during monsoons, it is advisable to consume lukewarm throughout the day. Try ditching chilled water totally. Also, always have water after your meals and not just before or in-between meals. Consuming lukewarm water after meals promotes digestion.



The Add-Ons

It is always better to spike your drinking water with some neem leaves, tulsi and other anti-bacterial and immunity boosting ingredients like ginger.



Take a Sip

This is a rule you must abide by throughout the year. Water should always be consumed in sips, guzzling down half a bottle in just one go and then going without water for hours is not going to benefit your health. Ensure consuming at least 2 liters of water daily.

The Amazing Health Benefits of 8 Summer Fruits

Summer is here! And so is a wide variety of delicious fruits. Check out the amazing health benefits of 8 deliciously amazing fruits.

We all know fruits are a healthy alternative, but are you eating the ones that are best for you?

Each fruit contains certain vitamins and minerals, that may aid to a specific issue and improve certain aspects in your health. In order to make things easier for you, we have selected 8 of the best summer fruits and highlighted their incredible benefits. Keep reading and find out what your fridge should be stocked with this summer.


  1. Cantaloup

    This type melon fruit is known for its enticing aroma and low caloric content. It’s filled up with vitamins A and C and beta-carotene. One of its best qualities is that it reduces stress. Being rich in potassium, snacking on it normalizes the heart beat and a sends supply of oxygen to the brain, leaving you feeling relaxed and focused. You are already craving a slice, aren’t you?
  2. Cherries

    Who doesn’t enjoy a bowl of cherries? This super fruit can improve your sleep, due to the source of melatonin, reduce pain and joint soreness for those of you who love to workout, and prevent diabetes. It’s known for aiding your memory and a great snack or dessert choice if you’re currently watching your weight. Have a handful of cherries everyday to get the best of what they offer.
  3. Pomegranate

    This colorful, unique flavored fruit is a great ingredient for juices and smoothies. However, it’s not just the refreshing qualities that make this fruit a must have. Pomegranate is a good friend to your heart: it reduces cholesterol, improves blood flow and reduces thickening in the arteries. All this with just 8 ounces consumed a day.
  4. Pineapple

    It may put up a challenge when cutting it but it is worth the effort. This popular tropical fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, that can prevent colds and strengthen you bones. Also, it keeps your gums healthy and teeth strong, lowering the risk of them falling out.
  5. Peaches

    Everyone’s favorite juicy fruit is pumped with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It’s good for your eyesight and your skin, you can even apply it directly on dark circles and wrinkles. But it’s best to savour it, right? Also, peaches fight against toxins and extra pounds. Yes, just like its sister, the nectarines, it’s low in calories, and can make for a delicious, non-fattening sweet treat.
  6. Plums

    This purple fruit is a good way to satisfy your hunger, as an in between meal snack, or satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of the results to eating daily dose of plums include a better memory and stronger bones. What’s more you can have them all year long as plums, the dried version. The latter are a good match for granola and yogurt.
  7. Raspberries

    Just another fruit you can enjoy for breakfast, but not limited to. Raspberries are a time bomb of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, just ready to explode in your organism. They aid weight loss, prevent cancer and eye sight from muscular degeneration. Here’s a tip: you can freeze them and eat whenever you want because they do not lose their properties. How about it?
  8. Watermelon

    It’s a hassle until you get into your house, considering the 8 to 10 pounds it usually weighs, but one you have a taste you can’t get enough. Imagine biting into a cold slice on a hot July day. Watermelons are full of potassium, antioxidants, carotenoids, carbohydrates, Vitamin A, B6, and C, calcium, thiamin, sodium, healthy protein, and fiber. A couple of slices as day can help prevent heart attacks and diseases, different types of cancer, digestive problems, weak eye sight and hair loss. How about dicing one right now?


    There’s nothing like a fruit summer salad to refresh your senses and give your body that extra boost of vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy and vibrant. Enjoy!