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Food Trends – What’s New Around You

Emerging food trends that will thrill your taste buds with new, more modern flavors and cuisines.

With so much going on in the food world, Pakistan isn’t far behind. Pakistani’s are true foodies with the food industry in Pakistan is changing rapidly with the consumer’s needs.  In the last few years, it has been revolutionized by new trends and has seen some major changes. Especially the onset of food entrepreneurs making their mark and introducing some exciting products in the market. Here are a few trends that made their way into the food scene in Pakistan.

Create your customized bowl

Ginyaki pioneered this style of the main entrée. What happens is you choose a base out of rice, vegetable chow Mein or a combo and then you get to choose the topping on it. In addition to this, you can also add a small extra topping in a separate small bowl. The style grew popular very quickly and then more restaurants jumped into the same style serving like 2 broke engineers and DIY eatery. For the people in Islamabad trying out this new trend isn’t a problem anymore because Jazz Discount Bazaar has taken care of it by providing a discount on the DIY eatery.

Green Juices

Recently, people have gotten health-conscious and prefer to go for healthy food options if provided. Instead of getting a carbonated drink, people prefer getting milkshakes, juices, and green juices in particular. Green bae, Ihealthy, and juice corner have started to offer those options along with a kitchen cuisine and a few others. I being health conscious love the variety of juices offered by Green bae and to cover the finance, obviously Jazz Discount Bazaar.

Nitrogen Ice-cream

Nitrogen ice-cream is just your regular ice-cream but the presentation of it was so Instagram-able and Snapchat-able that everyone went to have it just for the social media hype and putting up stories. It’s just normal ice-cream that comes in a bowl full of nitrogen that makes a dense cold smoke that looks cool and it reveals the ice-cream after it’s finished. This ice-cream was offered by some eateries in Islamabad. The most famous one was the Bunburry club located in Blue Area. If you decide to go there make sure you have Jazz Discount bazaar Application as your budget savior.


Quetta teas and Matka chaye have taken over the capital. You can find them at every nook and corner. Truth be told, they serve the best tea you can ask for. The youth mostly have one selected such chaye dhaba for their daily hangout and chilling with friends. You can sit there, enjoy the fantastic tea, and chat with your buddies for as long as you want. They surely give high-end cafes like Gloria jeans and chayee khana a run for their money. Some of my favorite chaye spots include Chikachino, Pappu Chaiwala, Chai shae, and Tandoori Junction. Jazz Discount Bazaar provides discounts on my favorite spots, making chaye get together more fun.

Monster shakes 

These last summers, Ice-cream shakes took the twin cities by a storm. Ice-cream republic in the commercial market, Rawalpindi started them and it got famous pretty quickly. They are huge mugs of ice-cream shake with crazy dessert toppings. They’re very sweet, not everyone’s cup of tea. Only those who have a sweet tooth can finish it that ridiculously huge ice-cream shake. Many more cafes started offering them later on, like Foodball in F-11.


Ever since people have gotten health-conscious, salads are really in these days. Started with the good old Tehzeeb salad that is consistent in its taste, a lot of restaurants started offering salads after the shift in trend. My personal Favorite is Kitchen Cuisine.


This just does not stop here because food trends are ever-changing and who knows we might be eating a chocolate pizza pie in the coming years. Stay Tuned!

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