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February 19, 2020   -

How To Gear Up For The Scorching Heat Of The Summer

Summer is just around the corner and that means shorter nights, longer days and barrage of extreme heat waves that hit you like the sweet chin music of Shawn Michaels (  for those who did not get the reference).

Islamabad can get a lot hotter than many visitors realize so you’ll need a summer cooling plan in place. In summers Islamabad’s temperature can reach upwards to 46.5 °C without any cool winds to break the heat. There are a lot of different ways to cool off on hot days in Islamabad so here are some of our favorite tips for your convenience.

Drink Loads of Fluid

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Hydration is the key to maintain your body at a decent temperature. Sweating, though kind of unattractive sometimes, is your body’s way of cooling you down. Contrary to popular belief, while iced water is your safest play in cooling you down, things like smoothies, fresh juices or milkshakes will also do the trick. Any liquid is better than no liquid. While we are on the topic of beverages, I recently visited GreenBae, located on Bhittai road (F-7 Markaz), home to some of the meanest brews out there. They have a pretty vast variety, I tried one of their no-dairy smoothies, “Grasp Very Tight” which is a fusion of raspberry and banana it was extremely refreshing and rich in taste and a must-try for anyone who wants to jump-start their day. However there is this price factor to consider about but do not worry I got your back, you can use the “Jazz Discount Bazaar App” to avail flat 20% off at GreenBae.


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Avoid the Sun Between 11 am to 2 pm

The sun is the hottest between 11 am and 2 pm, too much exposure to the sun during that period can damage your skin and the likelihood of getting sunburns are extremely high so do avoid. Limiting your exposure will limit your chances of overheating. If you can’t get around not being outside during those hours, make sure you prepare yourself appropriately. Caps will help you a lot in this regard and you can always use sunscreen.


Dress Appropriately

Summers’ Go-To Gear

Wear lightweight, breathable (think: cotton) clothing and footwear that won’t leave you feeling sweaty. Flowing garments allows air circulation and light color fabrics reflect light and heat. This is will keep you cooler. Hats are also crucial for blazing hot weather, keeping you cool by providing shade. Sunglasses should be worn it will protect your eyes from damaging UV rays.


Refrigerate or Freeze Your Bedsheets

This might seem a bit funny at first but trust me it works like a charm. Once you try this trick, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it before. Place your bedsheets in your fridge or freezer for a half an hour before you sleep, and say goodbye to all the sleepless nights you endured because of the. Also consider investing in soft gel packs that you can place underneath your sheets, or tucked between your legs.

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