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December 30, 2019   -

Eid Is Here – And I Am Sharing You A Secret Recipe

Whether it’s Choti Eid or Bari Eid, as far I can recall making Sheer Khurma has been one of the constant Eid traditions being followed religiously in our home. My mother makes the most appetizing Sheer khurma every year, warm and sweet as her love.


“Sheer” means “milk” in Persian and “Khurma” means “Dates”. So Literally “Sheer Khurma” means “Milk with Dates” in Urdu.


On Eid day mother would make Sheer Khurma early in the morning, and when Aba and brothers would be back home, we would have garma garam Sheer Khurma in our nashta accompanied by Namkeen Kulchas and tea.

This simple but versatile dish has a unique thing that it can be served both hot and cold. The dish is typically made with dates, vermicelli and milk. Dates are one of the main ingredients and they are nutritious as well, like milk. Some people like to have a thicker version of Sheer with more vermicelli added and some like to have a milky version. They all have their unique taste in their own way. But the Sheer recipe that Ami jaan follows on Eid is like a balanced one, neither too thick nor too milky. I would devour bowls of sheer and later regret the extra calories intake, (but the thought diminishes the moment I realize that I get to enjoy this delicacy just twice a year!) in moments thinking I don’t get this sheer throughout the year.


Ami Jaan’s Secret Recipe

  • Ami will start by putting milk to boil. She will let it cook on low heat.
  • As it starts boiling, in a shorter time it will start to caramelize and the texture will change into a yellowish hue.
  • She will keep stirring and then will add vermicelli, condensed milk, sugar and dates. Letting it simmer for 20 minutes reducing the quantity.
  • On the other burner she will fry off cardamom seeds and nuts.
  • She will add them to the milk and will let it cook together for a few more minutes.
  • Lastly, she will pour it into her favorite blue marble bowl, garnishing beautifully with thinly sliced almonds and serving us hot.
  • While the rest goes to the fridge for Eid guests 🙂


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