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Uber and Al-Fatah collaborate for grocery deliveries in Lahore

Uber and Al-Fatah have entered a partnership to accommodate the growing demand for delivery services.

In order to entertain the growing demand for delivery services, especially for indispensable items, many shops have started to opt for the online delivery services either directly or in collaboration with other establishments who have the required operations for this particular service.

Al-Fatah and Uber have entered a partnership on similar lines. Uber through an email blast informed its users that it has introduced its grocery delivery service to make sure that you can get your essentials delivered at your doorstep, safeguarding that you continue to stay home and stay safe.

You’ll have to pick the location of the store and then opt for the ‘Grocery’ option in the app. This will redirect you to the online mart of Al-Fatah and you can continue with your shopping. Once finished you can then opt for the delivery service. Moreover, for further instructions, you can also get in touch with the help center via the built-in messaging provision.

This product is only available for grocery deliveries from Al-Fatah stores in Lahore.

Huawei and China Mobile deploy the world’s highest 5G sites at Mount Everest

Huawei and China Mobile install the world’s highest 5G tower on Mount Everest at a massive altitude of 6500 meters.

Huawei and China Mobile install the world’s highest 5G tower on Mount Everest at a massive altitude of 6500 meters. This has been done to ensure better connectivity and capability across the country whilst setting a record. This attempt will take 5G connectivity to a new level by bringing the network to the summit of the deadly Mount Everest. The 5G tower and base station built memorializes the anniversary of two Chinese mountaineering expedition and to advance the potential of technology in such extreme weather conditions.

With this, Huawei and China Mobile together launch the Gigabit optical fiber network and that too at an altitude of 6500 meters. Huawei plans to offer uninterrupted quality 5G network. Base stations have been built at the Mount Everest base camp located at an altitude of 5300 meters. Whereas, there is a transition camp which is located at 5800 meters and a forward camp at 6500 meters. The technologies used by the company are 5G AAU and SPN technologies. Also, network maintenance and optimization are being done by a team of network specialists 24/7 located at the Mount Everest base camp.

Besides 5G AAU and SPN technologies, intelligent OptiX Network Solutions have also been deployed. This will help enable the data-thirsty transfer of high-resolution video, VR live broadcast, and supports enterprise gateways with 1Gbps upstream/downstream connections. Also, through HoloSen’s intelligent video surveillance system, streaming quality with optimization capabilities will follow.