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Best Shinwari Food Restaurants in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Today we are going to talk about a few very delicious Shinwari restaurants successfully working in Islamabad and serve the best food in the town.

Shinwari restaurants today line the stretch every road in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Today we are going to talk about a few very delicious Shinwari restaurants successfully working in Islamabad and serve the best food in the town. You can have it cooked however you want; karahi, tikka, kebabs, or lamb chops.

Process of Making Shinwari Food at Restaurants:

Lamb Meat:

All best shinwari in Islamabad used authentic Pashtun recipes and cook the lamb meat in its own fat. This traditional method gives the food a very distinctive flavor and aroma. For cooking the best Shinwari we avoid spices, to bring spice in Shinwari we use yogurt, tomatoes, green chili, and ginger.


The tikkas are prepared by cutting lamb meat into small pieces and wrapping it into fat. It is then skew and grill on glowing coals. Before serving, salt and spices are sprinkled on it to give the meat an extra kick of flavor.

Shoulder cut-tikkas

Shoulder cut-tikkas are also quite popular. To make this variety, meat from the animal’s shoulder is marinated in yogurt, spices, chili, and salt. The meat is then put on metal skewers and cooked on coals.

Mutton karahi

Mutton karahi, a perennial favorite, is a delightful mix of meat, lamb fat, green chili, tomatoes, ginger and salt with black pepper added to taste.


Best Places to Visit


1. Shinwari Restaurant:

Shinwari restaurant located in G-9/4, near Peshawar More, Islamabad. They are famous for its world-class Sulemani Karahi and Peshawari Kehwa. It is a rushy place filled with Shinwari lovers. They also serve the best Mutton Karahi, Patta Tikka, Mixed Tikka, and Lamb Chops. They also offer Naan and the complimentary Qehwa at the end of the meal, which is very good in taste as like other food items.

2. Sufi Shinwari Restaurant:

Sufi Shinwari Restaurant located at Kashif plaza, Johar Rd, F 8 Markaz Islamabad. It has started their restaurant with the name of quick food about 6 years ago. The owner and worker of this restaurant all were Pashtu. The quick food provided very good Shinwari food, special breakfast in their special Pashtu style. Sufi Shinwari becomes one of the best and wonderful Shinwari houses in Islamabad. People would love to go to Sufi Shinwari restaurant and enjoy their delicious Shinwari items.


3. Khyber Shinwari:

Khyber Shinwari is in G-9/4 Islamabad. They serve the best Shinwari cuisine. Their use fresh quality and standard Shinwari meat while making Shinwari cuisine. This Shinwari restaurant is very economical and serves a variety of Shinwari food under one roof. In the evening and at night, this neighborhood comes alive with the smell of cooked lamb meat and the unmistakable odor of lamb fat sizzling on hot coal.


4. Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant:

Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant is located at PWD, Islamabad. It is very famous and now in very demand. If you really want to taste good quality Shinwari food then you must need to visit and taste Shaheen Shinwari Bar b.Q, Shinwari cuisine, and Mutton Shinwari karahi. Their food prices are very affordable and economical; you can eat quality food at very low rates.

5. Epice Fish & Shinwari:

Epice Fish and Shinwari located in H-13, opposite Nust University gate no. 1، Kashmir Road, Islamabad. Epice fish and Shinwari have a very peaceful and beautiful ambiance. They have separate huts for families. It is a well-known name among Shinwari’s best restaurants in Islamabad. Their special items are Shinwari Tikka, Shinwari Nimkeen Karahi, Lowarghi Raan, spicy Mutton Ran Dum, Khadda Dumba, Grilled Fish, Shinwari, Tandoori,

Chai Cofee, Bar B.Q, etc. They also serve the best Gur wali chai as well.


We highly recommend these Shinwari restaurants, if you really want to eat the best Shinwari food in Islamabad.


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1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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