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December 30, 2019   -

Abey Khao – Breaking The Societal Barriers!

When it was raining last week, my cousins and I left home for a long drive to Margalla road. The Margalla road is by far the most mesmerizing road of the capital supporting lush green trees and a breathtaking taking view of Margalla hills. Enjoying my cousin’s playlist and admiring the raindrops pouring down, I felt my stomach rumble and it occurred to me that I was famished.

Over humming ‘Jo tu na mila mujhe’ we argued over what to eat and finally agreed when we saw an eye-catching eatery in a small cozy corner in F-6. Attracted by that yellow open cart, we excitedly parked our car. A vivacious waiter approached our car and pointed towards the menu, and in that instant, I realized that we would have to talk to him in the sign language. 

Later, we found that all of the guys working there were in fact special people, i.e. they couldn’t speak or hear. In order to place we gave them directions in sign language. Two cheese shawarma and one cheese burger. Upon the food’s arrival, its mouthwatering aroma positively took me back. We thoroughly enjoyed it and more than food it was eternal happiness and satisfaction from getting food from there. Not forgetting to mention that the pricing structure is very reasonable and is justified by the quality and quantity of the food.

We all noticed that the person who takes an order and the one on the counter preparing the food, both felt happy when we try to interact with them in sign language. They kept on smiling and they in real felt very good that we are using their modes of communication to interact with them.

I sat there looking at the raindrops, enjoying their amazing food and feeling a sense of euphoria after my interaction with these gifted and dedicated people.

Abey Khao

After a very long time, I was actually at peace. The fact that they were carrying this responsibility despite their disability relified me and so did the fact that I was contributing in their business. Abey Khao workers hold the vision that food is the best source of communication and an honest source of expression of love, it brings people together in the most diverse forms and this is how they are trying to break the barriers.

I will definitely recommend you guys to drop by this place if you visit Isloo, and enjoy their delicious food along with strengthening businesses that deserve way more praise than I can ever express. This enriching experience will surely make your day and why not try to spread more love and positivity by our little acts. After all, we all want this world to be a better place to live for everyone. A food place that is not only just a place to eat but it has the vibe of strong inspiration that will hit you hard!

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